Brad and Lesley Stoller crashed into the downtown scene in the ‘70s - playing CBGB, Kenny’s Castaways, Folk City, The Other End, and all the rest. During those fresh years, they developed a direct style of performing personal song stories through the merging of jazz, rock and folk.

 Then, the two of them spent almost three decades      in classical music, straight-ahead-jazz, psychology, theater, and bringing up children. But, now, they’ve returned to their deepest joined passion; performing hypnotic and penetrating original songs with a funky-tight-band, for new audiences, across generations.

 Packing The Parkside Lounge monthly, and bringing their sound to The Rockwood Music Hall, the original Stoller brothers have reemerged as Stoller Bros Live. The new sound is familiar, and mind-blowingly unique.

 With every show, Stoller Bros Live reinvents itself – developing new material; taking their ever-growing fan-base with them on an ever-evolving musical trip.  


 Stoller Bros Live are now booking dates from September, 2007. Please direct all inquiries and interest to

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